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A review of the much-anticipated CentOS 6 based on Red Hat Linux Enterprise 6. After 10 months of development, this distribution is a free and stable solution to the enterprise world. Although the included software and desktops (Gnome and KDE) are relatively old, the software is more than functional, and the distribution performs incredibly well. Bugs are non-existant, package management is 100% working, and the system ultimately works the way it should. Solid five stars.

CentOS 6 Article from Dedoimedo
==Quick Stats==
- Gnome 2.28
- KDE 4.3.4
- Based on RHEL 6 which is based on Fedora 12/13
- App launch speed is almost instantaneous
- Boot sequence is polished and very quick
- The stablitly of RHEL 6 without the price tag!! Get Dropbox:


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